The current Trend

Real Estate Videography.

With over 200 satisfied Real Estate Agents, OhmyMedia delivers consistent video quality with proven results. 

How can Video Marketing help you in the

Real Estate industy?


Video Marketing is 1 of the many way to secure more listing by improving your branding, it helps in showing that you take the extra mile in helping your clients to find a buyer. This would in return help you to gain more listing.

1. Gain More Listings

Video is likely to engage us and ignite emotions, videos present your products in a conversational form that creates a sense of human touch and it implements a more authentic interaction which allow viewer to know who you are and result in them having more confidence to look for you.

2. More Informative


Studies has shown that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to a photo. 

3. Higher Retention Rate

It is an up and coming trend, or maybe it is already the current trend. Leading Real Estate Agents all over Singapore has already started Video Marketing. What are you waiting for?

4. Upcoming/Current Trend


Real Estate Marketing Videos

1. Property Home Tour Videos

Engage your audience with property listing videos, showcasing the unique selling points of the property.

2. Property Walkthrough Videos

Showcase your unit through videography.

3. Branding Videos

Build relationship with your potential clients, earn their trust through your very own branding videos.

4. Client Testimonial Videos

Gain reliability by showcasing your satisfied clients.